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10 September 2014

FIDUCIA at the Prague Conference of the European Society of Criminology (ESC)

As per a tradition that began in 2012 in Bilbao and continued in 2013 in Budapest, the FIDUCIA project will be present at the 14th Annual International Conference of the European Society of Criminology, which will be held in Prague on 10-13 September 2014. This year's conference will have the title “Criminology of Europe: Inspiration by Diversity” and will be an ideal setting to discuss findings in all areas of criminological studies.

The FIDUCIA panel in Prague will feature presentations from several team members, with the most updated findings on the trust-based policy model and its practical implementation in relation to different areas of crime (Human trafficking, Trafficking of goods, Crimes of migration, Cyber-crime).

In Prague, the FIDUCIA team will also hold its internal progress meeting, where researchers will discuss the survey work on public confidence in justice and the overall progress of the project activities.