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11 December 2011


The FIDUCIA research team has a long tradition of achievements and joint work in research and development. Seven of the current FIDUCIA partners were part of the EURO-JUSTIS project, led between 2008 and 2011 by Prof. Mike Hough.

Euro-Justis was a project designed to provide EU institutions and Member States with new indicators for assessing public confidence in justice.

The EURO-JUSTIS project was based on the assumption that an effective justice system must assess itself not only against narrow criteria of crime control, but against broader criteria relating to people’s trust in justice and their sense of security. In the long term, public compliance with the law depends on the legitimacy of institutions of justice. Institutions command legitimacy if people recognize that they are fair, just and provide public security.

EURO-JUSTIS developed and piloted survey-based indicators of public confidence in justice – a term used here to embrace issues relating to fairness, trust and insecurity. It also assembled contextual data for interpreting the indicators – on the assumption that there are close relationships between public perceptions of justice and the substantive quality of justice as reflected in the workings of the justice process.

The final report of the EURO-JUSTIS project is publicly available on the EURO-JUSTIS website, at