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FIDUCIA is a research project that will shed light on a number of distinctively “new European” criminal behaviours that have emerged in the last decade
FIDUCIA Newsletter Issue 1 ~ 10 Jun 2012
Introducing to you the FIDUCIA project:
New European Crimes and Trust-based Policy

FIDUCIA is a research project that will shed light on a number of distinctively "new European" criminal behaviours that have emerged in the last decade as a consequence of technology developments and the increased mobility of populations across Europe.

Proposing new approaches to the regulation of such behaviours, the central idea behind the FIDUCIA project is that public trust (in latin, "fiducia") in justice is critically important for social regulation, in that it leads to public acceptance of the legitimacy of institutions of justice, and thus to compliance with the law and cooperation with legal authorities.

While being highly relevant to responding to "conventional" forms of criminality, trust and legitimacy may be of special significance in the light of "new crimes".

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Kick-off Meeting of the FIDUCIA Project

The kick-off meeting of FIDUCIA took place in London on 2 and 3 February 2012 marking the launch of the project.
The agenda of the meeting included a thorough introduction on the project and its management structure, presentation of the work packages, next steps and discussion session…

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Can a trust-based criminal policy lead
to fewer crimes?

European Commission funds major research project led by the University of Parma.
In November 2011, 2.7 million € were awarded by the European Commission for research into criminal policy and the promotion of trust in justice.

The FIDUCIA project (named after the latin term for "trust") stems from the idea that public trust in justice is critical for social regulation, since it is tightly related to the respect for institutions, and therefore to personal compliance with the law.
FIDUCIA will shed light on four distinctively "new European" crimes: cyber crimes, drugs trafficking, trafficking of human beings, and criminalization of migration and ethnic minorities.

The FIDUCIA team will also analyse data collected by the latest sweep of the European Social Survey, which was designed by the EURO-JUSTIS consortium led by the ICPR-Institute for Criminal Policy Research (London). "The FIDUCIA project will investigate whether a change of direction in criminal policy…

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The Fiducia website is launched

Visit the website to learn more about the project's objectives, work packages, partners and subscribe to the project's newsletter at the website to receive updates and news on research findings and upcoming events!

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Upcoming Event – FIDUCIA Progress Meeting in Bilbao Spain on 12 September 2012
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