The Project:

The Project Deliverables

WP 1 Project Management MGT
D1.1) Project Management Structure: The initial structure will be updated when necessary in the course of the project. [month 1]
D1.2) FIDUCIA intranet: FIDUCIA intranet – private section in the project website devoted to exchange of
communication, documents, working papers and deliverables among partner institutions [month 3]
D1.3) Intermediate Progress Reports – lean version: This deliverable includes three simplified reports, to be released in months 6, 18, and 30 [month 6]
D1.4) Milestone reports: This deliverable includes three Milestone reports (a,b.c) to be released in months 8, 1 and 29. [month 8]

WP 2 State of the art (1): Crime trends RTD
D2.1) Review of existing efforts to describe crime trends at European level: [month 4]
D2.2) Paper on improving the policy-relevance of existing crime data: [month 7]
D2.3) Policy brief on crime trends: [month 7]

WP 3 State of the art (2): Policies RTD
D3.1) Paper on the intended & unintended consequences of deterrence and inclusive crime control strategi [month 7]
D3.2) Review of EU policies related to internal security: [month 7]
D3.3) “Internal Security Map”: EU players, roles and interactions: [month 7]

WP 4 State of the art (3): Public perceptions RTD
D4.1) Literature review on fear of crime and public attitudes towards crime, justice and punishment: [month 5]
D4.2) Report on the roots of “penal populism”: [month 7]
D4.3) Report on an empirical assessment of fear of crime and punitive sentiment across Europe: [month 7]

WP 5 Development of a Model of “Trust-Based” Policy RTD
D5.1) Report on compliance with the law: how normative and instrumental compliance interact: [month 18]
D5.2) Paper on the development of trust-based policy in relation to new forms of criminality: [month 30]

WP 6 Trafficking of human beings RTD
D6.1) Report on enforcement statistics, including summary factsheets: [month 15]
D6.2) Report on concepts and research on trafficking of human beings: [month 17]
D6.3) Report on current policies against trafficking of human beings in 4 countries: Report on current policies (criminal law responses and other regulative practices) against trafficking of human beings in 4 countries and the scope for alternatives [month 20]
D6.4) A joint analysis with conclusions and recommendations: [month 27]
D6.5) Policy brief on the findings on Human trafficking: [month 31]

WP 7 Trafficking of goods RTD
D7.1) Statistical summary of prevalence and enforcement, with accessible factsheets: [month 13]
D7.2) Concept paper on regulation of trafficking of goods: [month 14]
D7.3) Report on state-of-the-art situation of trafficking goods in EU countries: [month 20]
D7.4) Report on public attitudes and popular justifications of trafficking in goods: [month 27]
D7.5) Report on trust-based strategies for regulating the trafficking of certain goods: [month 31]

WP 8 Criminalization of migration and ethnic minorities RTD
D8.1) Statistical review and summary factsheets: [month 13]
D8.2) Report on literature and data available on “the crime of migration”: [month 16]
D8.3) Minutes of interviews with EU policy makers: [month 16]
D8.4) Paper on the consequences of the use of criminal law in the criminalisation of migrants: Paper on the intended and unintended consequences of the use of criminal law in the criminalization of migrants [month 21]
D8.5) Paper on criminalization of solidarity across Europe: [month 25]
D8.6) Paper on the criminalisation of Roma communities in the EU: [month 30]
D8.7) Policy brief on the criminalisation of migration: [month 31]

WP 9 Cybercrimes RTD
D9.1) Report and factsheets on prevalence of cybercrime and related enforcement activity: [month 12]
D9.2) Report conceptualising and classifying cyber-crime: [month 13]
D9.3) Paper on current policies on cyber-crime (domestic and supranational): [month 19]
D9.4) Report on self-regulation and other non-legislative practices against cyber-crime: [month 24]
D9.5) Report on public attitudes to cybercrimes: [month 31]

WP 10 Criteria for criminalization RTD
D10.1) Report on the conceptualisation of alternatives to criminalisation: [month 13]
D10.2) Case studies on de-criminalisation and over-criminalisation: [month 21]
D10.3) Policy proposals for effective de-criminalisation: [month 24]

WP 11 Trust and attitudes to justice “at home” RTD
D11.1) Report on levels of trust and legitimacy across Europe: [month 8]
D11.2) Report on key factors that explain levels of trust and legitimacy: [month 11]
D11.3) Report on the role of trust and legitimacy in securing compliance and cooperation: [month 13]
D11.4) Policy brief on levels of trust and legitimacy across Europe: [month 13]

WP 12 Trust and attitudes to justice “abroad” RTD
D12.1) Report on the design of survey indicators and list of indicators: [month 17]
D12.2) Data collected through survey: 6 [month 27]
D12.3) Paper on trust in justice “abroad” and the role of legitimacy in “new-crimes”: [month 30]
D12.4) Policy brief on attitudes to and trust in justice “abroad”: [month 30]

WP13 Synthesis and policy proposals RTD
D13.1) Policy brief on Trust-based policy and Trafficking in Human beings: [month 33]
D13.2) Policy brief on Trust-based policy and Trafficking in goods: [month 33]
D13.3) Policy brief on Trust based policy and the “crime of migration”: [month 33]
D13.4) Policy brief on Trust based policy and cybercrimes: [month 33]
D13.5) Two reports summarizing findings and the FIDUCIA model of trust-based policy in action: The two reports
have different target groups: one is intended for academics, the other for policy makers. [month 35]
D13.6) Policy brief on “Building Trust - Governing Crime”: [month 36]

WP14 Validation OTHER
D14.1) List of validation criteria for “crime themed” WP and “trust-based policy model”: Criteria established by the Extrenal Expert Group (EEG) in order to assess progress in the activities of the FIDUCIA project [month 7]
D14.2) Validation report I: EEG Report after Milestone I [month 9]
D14.3) Validation report II: EEG Report after Milestone II [month 18]
D14.4) Validation report III: EEG Report after Milestone III [month 30]

WP15 Dissemination OTHER
D15.1) Dissemination plan: [month 2]
D15.2) FIDUCIA website and online platform: [month 3]
D15.3) List of newsletters: [month 36]
D15.4) Promotional flyers / brochures: [month 6]
D15.5) Mini-video: [month 31]
D15.6) Proceedings of 1st International Conference: [month 10]
D15.7) Proceedings of 2nd International Conference: [month 19]
D15.8) Proceedings of 3rd International Conference: [month 31]
D15.9) Proceedings of closing conference on “Crime and Migration” (m. 36): [month 36]
D15.10) Focus groups minutes: Focus groups minutes (from month 32, they will be released within 20 days after each event) [month 32]