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14 July 2015

What is the best way to fight human trafficking?

The conventional wisdom is that, since trafficking organisations are transnational in nature, also the authorities should adopt a transnational approach when fighting them. Our research points in a different direction.

In a paper recently published in the British Journal of Criminology, we looked at the structure of a trafficking network operating between Nigeria and Europe, and identified the main drivers underpinning its operations. By relying on a systematic analysis of court documents, we concluded that the demand for trafficking services was generated by offenders living in Western Europe and with strong roots in their ethnic communities.

In a period of austerity and limited resources, it is perhaps time to change our approach and focus more on the local dimension of human trafficking - including building trust with victims and communities. This will help us identify and assist more victims, reduce the global level of harm and increase the conviction rate for perpetrators.

Full paper of FIDUCIA team members on the topic is available here: